How Tips Products Expand  and Accelerate Your Amazon Book Sales Before, During, and After Your Book is Done

Workshop Guide - Paulette Ensign, The Tips Content Strategist 

Wednesdays, 4:00pm PT | 7:00pm ET

One hour classes

June 5,12,19,26 2024 

You’ve sold 1,200 copies of your book on Amazon so far, and hear that’s really great. Any idea who bought those books? Probably not.

Well, NOW what? 

While some astute book advisors realized a very acceptable way to bring your Amazon buyer to you and your website, we’re going way beyond that, in very do-able and unique ways. 

I have solutions for you that you'll be hard pressed to see anywhere – solutions that bring you results, solutions your buyers appreciate, solutions that make your colleagues wonder what put you way out there ahead of their sales results, and solutions that sustain your presence, costing you little or nothing to create and implement.  

Oh, and  by the way, the solutions I’m jumping out my skin to share with you are great for wherever you are in your book author journey – before, during, and after your book is done! 

Whether you’re still thinking about writing that book you may (or may not) write someday, are in the midst of writing a book, or are already a published Amazon book author, the secret sauce I’ve got can work for you.

  • Are you pondering whether you even WANT to write a book? Join us anyway. We’ve got something that’ll knock your socks off.

  • Maybe you’re writing a book right now, in a weekend, 30 days, or for the past five years? Your excellent book will not only be even more appealing to your buyers, you’ll sell more of them!

  • Have you finished one or more books? You’ll have the opportunity to learn ways to sell more of your current publication(s) on Amazon, and even bring back to life and sell books that are “evergreen” or still relevant that were published a year or more ago.

During this upcoming workshop, you’ll discover how tips products in various delivery formats can expand and accelerate your book sales in ways you never imagined.

Not only can tips products expand and accelerate your book sales before, during, and after your book is done, together we’ll explore how to:

  • Create a new marketing tool AND new revenue stream all in one.

  • Benefit your customer, yourself, and Amazon from your approach.

  • Expand your information product line, credibility, and presence effortlessly.

Got FOMO? (Fear Of Missing Out) Can’t say that I blame you one bit. After all, who doesn’t want to help more people by sharing their knowledge and expertise, do it in a unique way, and make more money? 

Because I’ve been fortunate to work with book authors, non-published subject matter experts, and thought leaders for more than three decades, my non-traditional approach to publishing and marketing has helped many to expand their horizon and their bottom line. I’ve also seen clients enjoy many multiples of their investment in learning new ideas from my work. You’re next.

This workshop does NOT require taking a second mortgage on your house. And that’s a promise. I want to share these ideas as widely as possible.  The tuition for this workshop is a one-time investment of $399 USD

So, ready to join us? Then, HERE’S  your Next Step.

‘Looking forward to sharing new tools to create more success and more joy on your journey!


P.S. Wishing, hoping, praying, and sprinkling pixie dust on your uploaded book, expecting sales to magically appear because your book is on Amazon does not work. Simple as that! You may have already realized that. What you’ll have the opportunity to learn in this workshop does work. Register Now

P.P.S. The first FIVE people to register for this workshop receive a special, valuable bonus from me that's sure to catapult you to new heights!

P.P.P.S. By the way, each class will also be recorded so you continue to hear the soft, dulcet tones of my voice on demand...hahahah

Imagine this...

Imagine monetizing tips you currently give away free online and offline. Paulette Ensign and her Tips Products Publishing Agency team have helped thousands of Subject Matter Experts and Thought Leaders do that. Focusing on licensing and wholesaling their content, clients have mirrored Paulette's success in selling over TWO MILLION copies of her tips booklet, “110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life” in several languages and formats without a penny on advertising. Paulette shows you how tips products uniquely accelerate your book sales before, during, and after your book is done and distinguishes you from among the crowd. You’re next!

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